Risk Assessment

Understanding the evolving risks to your business requires staying current with the latest security technologies and standards.

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Threat Intelligence

Gaining visibility into attacks on your brand requires monitoring events in the DNS with correlation to broader network activity.

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Ransomware Recovery

Recovering from a Ransomware attack requires diligence to ensure the malware is removed, systems updated and backed up.

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Security Awareness

Keeping employees from falling prey to social engineering begins with a program designed to train and reinforce the indicators.

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Security Testing

Ensuring no bad surprises is dependent on maintaining an effective security posture which should be routinely tested.

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Vulnerability Management

Protecting the business begins with keeping up-to-date on the latest patches to software and systems for remediation.

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Expert Information Security Consulting

Opportunities exist through new technology to operate more competitively but can jeopardize the business with unforeseen risk.  Security is a major consideration in strategy; disastrous when overlooked, but a game changer when executed properly.  TargetProof partners with business to safeguard the core business and empower future initiatives.


Want Proof?

Check if your email is using standard authentication.  Many of the largest organizations have yet to implement the new DMARC standard due to many factors.  Our tool performs DNS lookups to report back on what is present in your configuration.  Monitoring your domain for abuse is made easy by implementing DMARC.  Let us know if we can help.